Get Started

Create an Observatory

A citizen observatory is a community-based environmental monitoring and information system. FLAMENCO enables you to easily deploy your own observatory, including:

  • Customizable data collection app
  • Persistent data storage in the cloud
  • Data processing and analysis in the cloud
  • Dashboard with real-time data visualisations

Deploy a Campaign

A campaign is the use of an existing citizen observatory for a particular scenario or project. Campaigns set specific constraints to specify the subset of data you are interested in, including:

  • Geographical constraints to specify an area of interest
  • Temporal constraints to specify a timeframe

Each campaign has its dedicated data processing and analysis separate from the observatory. Furthermore, each campaign has its own dashboard as well.



Build your own app with an intuitive interface that lets you connect building blocks to create your custom app. Fast, easy and powerful.


Qualitative data can be collected by anyone with a smartphone. This enables the collection of vast amounts of qualitative data.


FLAMENCO respects your privacy and does not share personal data for commercial purposes, nor does it share data with any third parties.


Data collected by FLAMENCO apps have a valuable output that is used to generate real data suitable for professional research

Cutting Edge Technology

FLAMENCO makes the best use of a smartphone’s potential and provides apps with the latest technologies: lightweight, fast and battery efficient.


You can start a project on your own or as an organisation. Everyone with a smartphone can easily join with collecting data.


Since FLAMENCO is so easy to use, the whole community can bring input into the research project and feel empowered to contribute to your goal.


Information is collected and uploaded to the cloud in real-time. Data is immediately visualised and you can apply changes at any moment when necessary.